7 Ways Scented Candles Can Transform Your Home

7 Ways Scented Candles Can Transform Your Home

Is your home feeling a little bit off-center these days, maybe it's become a bit stale and dull due to overwork and a bit of neglect? It's time to liven things up with scented candles and create the kind of space you picture when you think of the word home

Room Enhancements 

Often, our homes get funny or musty smells when they've been closed up all day or in certain parts of your home. It could be down to structural issues or water getting in, equally, it could be your well-loved furniture or high traffic carpets. It's worth trying to get to the root of the problem, but you can always enhance the smell and ambiance of the area for now with a scented candle. They are discrete and effective. 

Meditation Aids 

Even if you don't meditate formally, lighting a candle creates focus in the room and makes the space calmer. You will be more mindful in this space. If you meditate formally, choose a nice scent like Sandalwood to help with your meditation. You will often find that meditation with the use of a scented candle can have a transformative effect on your life. 

Positive Memories 

There's a reason that candy floss reminds you of a carnival you went to as a kid, or why warm spiced punch makes you think of a Christmas Market. The brain is wired for smells and it provides a strong catalyst for memory. You can transform your life with candles in this way, choose scents like coconut to remind you of a pleasant bath or fun family holiday. 

Mood Enhancement 

If you want to transform your home one of the best ways to do it is to transform yourself. We humans tend to get stuck in habits, especially in comfort zones, and this can lead to stagnation and unpleasantness. Break your habits and try something new to bring new energy and vitality into your home – one good way to change things up is to use a scented candle. 

Create Good, Healthy Rituals 

Rituals, or habits, don't have to be religious in nature; they can be secular and life-enhancing. Rituals have been used for centuries by humans to create and rejuvenate spaces, you can do this too in your home by using scented candles like Dragon's Blood, these rituals will have a transformative and uplifting effect on your mood and your home, you may even become attached and protective of them. 

Sleep Enhancement 

When you wake up from a restful sleep the world seems brighter and more alive, you also feel more relaxed and harmonious with the world and the universe. At these times, you naturally make the best choices for your home, choices that stand the test of time and change your mood. Scented candles, like lavender, can help you get that restful night's sleep, especially if you make it a nightly ritual. 

A Personal Scent 

People's homes have a certain feel to them, don't they? When you walk into the home it feels and smells like that person you know in some way. Sometimes this is a desirable effect but not always. You can create a desirable scent association in your home with scented candles from bkvarietymarket – they will create an environment that matches your style and personality. 

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