Are Onesies Good for Babies?

Are Onesies Good for Babies?

As a new parent, you are bombarded with an overwhelming number of options concerning your baby. What will he wear? What shouldn't she eat? Does he need this car seat attachment? Which pacifier is best for her? On one hand, you are excited and grateful for all of the options available. On the other hand, you might feel the urge to just let someone else choose which bibs to purchase.

Luckily, there are a few things that aren't debatable. The necessity of the onesie is one of those things. Onesies, sometimes called bodysuits, are a one-piece garment similar to a t-shirt with two or three buttons on the bottom that fasten between the baby's legs to allow for easy diaper changes. There are a few things to keep in mind while on the hunt for the best onesies for babies.

The Science Behind Onesies

Onesies provide a nice snug fit for your wiggly baby. They spend months in the warm, safe sanctuary that is the womb. It seems only right to continue to provide them with similar comfort. Similar to swaddling and cuddling, babies feel soothed when in the comfort of a onesie.

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How to Keep up

Most experts recommend buying onesies in a variety of sizes. Because of how quickly a baby grows, it is important to have bigger sized onesies. In fact, Mom365 says that most babies will not even fit into a onesie in the size "newborn." It is advised to skip ahead to 0-3 months since you will definitely need it soon anyway.

When it comes to sizing, always make your decision based on weight instead of age. Babies vary in sizes and growth rates. While there is an average weight, not all two-month old’s weigh the exact same amount. While you are searching, remember also that the best onesies for babies are fire resistant. Safety first, even as it pertains to infant apparel.

When to Wear a Onesie

The onesie is versatile enough to be worn in just about any situation. Onesies are an amazing solution to seamless layering. When you pick up a baby, a typical t-shirt will ride up. The onesie keeps your baby comfortably covered. This is essential especially in winter. WebMD recommends taking note of your own temperature and dressing your baby in one additional layer more than you require yourself. Healthline provides valuable information on how to comfortably dress a baby for sleep.


Convenient Solutions

The market is aware of the struggle of dressing an infant that is always on the move. As a result, special accommodations have been made to make it less stressful to prepare your baby for the day. Some onesies have flaps on the shoulders. These flaps provide extra room in case you need to pull the onesie down over your baby's shoulders instead of up and over the head.

These flaps are especially convenient when presented with an especially messy diaper. Limit the transfer of germs by removing the onesie this way instead of over your baby's head. This classic brand has tips available on their website.

Rest assured knowing that most of the legwork has already been done. There is no need to overcomplicate the dilemma of which are the best onesies for babies.

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