Do Beard Oils Actually Work?

Do Beard Oils Actually Work?

In this modern age, there are many beauty products designed to enhance a person’s physical appearance. In a real sense, most of these beauty products are made and marketed specifically for females, but there are also beauty products tailor-made for males. One such product is beard oils, which men use for several reasons. For starters, some men use beard oils to moisturize their beard, making them look more groomed and luxurious. Others use beard oils to make the skin beneath the beard more moisturized, which will help promote beard growth. Ideally, when beard growth is enhanced, your beard looks fuller, which will enhance its overall appearance. In this piece, we have discussed more about beard oils.

Beard Oil Benefits

In truth, there are many beard oil benefits, but let’s go over the ones that top the list.

  • Replaces Sebum Oils: When you shower, you inevitably strip some essential sebum oils from your beard and skin, which might affect your beard's appearance. Ideally, sebum oils make beards appear fuller and more striking. While you may think that using a beard wash might help protect the sebum oil under your beard skin, this is not the case. You can mitigate the loss of sebum oil from the skin underneath your beard by using proper beard oils. Ideally, while they may not help protect the sebum oils, they will surely help replace them.

  • Moisturizes The Beards: Beard oils are also essential in adding moisture to the actual beard hair and the skin beneath the beard. They actually penetrate the skin, ensuring that it is hydrated. They also offer hydration to the individual hairs of the beard, which makes them healthier. In the long run, applying beard oil makes the beards look more beautiful. Nonetheless, there are some beard oils that have a more moisturizing effect than others. As such, if your primary goal of using beard oils is to moisturize your beard, ensure that you do ample research on the different oils available.

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    • Fights Beard Dandruff: In general, if there's nothing a man hates more (well, almost nothing) than dandruff in his beard. Nevertheless, dandruff on the beard is one of the biggest problems that men with beards face. Beard oils have proven to be very effective in preventing or, at least, improving the appearance beard dandruff and making your beard healthier.

    • Makes Your Beard Softer: In general, beard hair is dry and coarse. This is the natural way that beards typically grow, but fortunately, this can be improved using beard oils. Beard oils can make the beard look and feel softer and more natural as they contain natural and essential ingredients specifically made for this purpose. However, before you apply beard oil, make sure that your beard is clean to ensure that the oil works efficiently.

    • Reduces Beard Itch: An itchy beard is something that no one likes, and if you usually experience this, you should try using beard oils. Beard oils usually contain anti-itching ingredients that effectively mitigate the itchiness of the skin under your beard.

    • Beard Oils Help In Making Your Beards Look Better: The primary goal of beard oils is to make your beard look healthier and more attractive. Beard oils can add both volume and length to your beard, enhancing its general appearance. They also help to brighten your beard, enabling the natural pigment in your beard to be bolder. 
    • Gives Your Beard Nice Scent: One of the nice side effects of using beard oils is the added confidence of a great smell. When you smell and look better, you feel more attractive. There are a wide range of scents that you can choose from, depending on your taste and preference.
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    Potential Negative Effects of Beard Oil

    In a real sense, while beard oils are essential for giving you healthy beards, they also have some side effects that may not be pleasant. We have outlined some of the possible side effects of beard oil, however narrow.

    • Allergic Reactions: Generally, it is possible to have an allergic reaction from using certain types of beard oils. These allergic reactions can vary from mild to severe, depending on how sensitive you are to certain ingredients that have been used to create specific beard oils. You should be very careful when you are using beard oils, and you should eliminate those that you think may affect your skin. However, it is not always easy to know if particular beard oils will cause an allergic reaction to the skin. As such, you should test a small patch of skin first, before applying to the entire beard.

    • Suppressing Beard Growth: While this is rare, some beard oils suppress the growth of beards. This may be due to the fact that certain ingredients can affect the production of your testosterone hormone, which is the hormone that generally stimulates beard growth. You should particularly be on the lookout for beard oils that have high volatile fat as this is an element that suppresses testosterone hormone production. An ideal way of ensuring that you end up with the best beard oils is by doing extensive research on beard oils that do not contain high volatile fat and stick to them.

    • Some May Aggravate Dandruff: Essentially, beard oils are generally used to help alleviate symptoms of dandruff and dry skin. That being said, some beard oils may aggravate your dandruff. In most cases, this is usually common in beard oils that are formulated in a deficient manner. This also shows you that you should be very careful when selecting a specific beard oil to use. Ensure that you go for beard oils that will not negatively affect your skin or hair.

    Indeed, beard oils will enhance beard growth and make your beard look healthier. However, you should also be very careful about the type of beard oils you choose to ensure that you minimize the risk of adverse side effects.

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