How You Can Celebrate Christmas With Your Pet

How You Can Celebrate Christmas With Your Pet

Holidays are a wonderful time of year, and if you are a pet owner, it's understandable that you want to include your furry friend in your celebration. While your pet may not entirely be sure what is happening on Christmas day, they will love to be included, especially if it means tasty treats. With the holidays coming soon around the corner, we have a few fun ways to include your pet in your Christmas festivities: 

Put together a pet-themed Christmas stocking.

As you hang your Christmas stockings, don't forget your furry friend. Select a stocking with a pet-themed print, such as paw prints or whiskers, and fill it with things like special treats and new toys. 

Wrap them a gift or two.

As you buy Christmas gifts for various family members or friends, don't forget your pet. Buy your pet a brand new toy, snacks, new leash, new water bowl, or even a Christmas outfit. You may also want to buy them a much-needed item, such as a new bed. 

Bake them a treat. 

Everyone loves a freshly baked goodie, and so does your pet. Research treats that are safe for your dog or cat to eat and make them the night before so they can enjoy them on Christmas day. If you aren't one for baking, research any local bakeries that make treats that are safe for cats or dogs.

Make them part of your family photo.

If you send out Christmas cards every year, make sure your pet is part of the fun. If your pet is comfortable, dress them up in a Christmas-themed costume, or even give them a special hat or bow to pose with them in front of the camera. If your pet doesn't stay still well, try to capture the photo while they are lying down. 

Take them on your outings.

Some families love to go for a walk around the neighborhood to take in the Christmas decorations. So, make sure you take your pet with you to enjoy the sights. Also, research pet-friendly places that are open to you bringing your pet. 

Take in a homeless dog (or donate).

If you have the room, and the extra time, foster a dog over the holidays. Not only will fostering warm your heart, but it also gives your pet an extra playmate. If you don't have the time or don't feel comfortable, consider donating in your pet's name to your local pet shelter instead

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, and our pets want to join in on the fun. With these tips, your pet is sure to look forward to the holidays as much as you do. Shop at BK Variety Market and check out our fun pet outfits and accessories. 

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