Most Popular Home Decor Tips for 2021

Most Popular Home Decor Tips for 2021

As everyone is looking forward to spring and hopefully a new normal that's less tense and suffocating, top interior designers have released their new and beautiful home decor trends for 2021.

Last year, more families were spending time at home, as kids struggled with virtual learning and parents attempted the impossible by working from home. All of this happening in the chaotic and sometimes fun atmosphere that our indoor living spaces have become.

Read on for practical and visually pleasing home office decor ideas, new color trends to watch this season and cozy home decor projects to love in 2021 and beyond.


Curvy Furniture, Nods to Art Deco & Vintage Finds Are All the Rage

Comfort and cozy seem to be the wave of home decor ideas for 2021. Expect to see lots of plush curvy furniture, crafted from luxurious fabrics, with subtle nods to Art Deco style that showcases the look in an unobtrusive manner.

This is the year to scour estate auctions, neighborhood yard sales and flea markets for authentic vintage finds that have natural touches. Think nostalgic accents like a posh, retro, round tufted-back chair in soft blue velvet with a bottom skirt of white tassels. Try a curved sofa of soft plush fabric in a 60's design style updated with warm mustard yellow or burnt-orange hue. Here is an example:



fashionable home decor

Bring Shades & Textures of Nature Indoors

Natural touches are everywhere in this year's leading design trends. Consider rattan in a lighter hue for a bed headboard, or perhaps as a wall focal furniture piece in a delightful rattan curved armchair that's perfect for your living room, sunroom or enclosed porch.

Go for muted colors like soft caramel, pale apricot or dusty rose as neutrals or go bold with rich earthy colors like burnt sienna or hunter green. Amp up the cozy factor further with chunky floor rugs and large crocheted or knitted throws.


Bring Serenity by Adding Asian Accents or Upgrading to Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian home decor style is being revamped to add warmly muted hues like creams, and sandy taupe for walls, bedding or in wooden window blinds. Asian home decor ideas can inspire feelings of calm and tranquility. Consider using Asian-inspired paper lamps or create an accent wall with ornate oriental-inspired garden wallpaper that features rich gold tones and pops of deep red color.


Tips for Creating a Refreshed Home Office Decor Theme

Perhaps it is time to create a truly workable home office area. Tips from the master interior design artists include repurposing a hall, entryway or bedroom closet. People who work from home need a dedicated space.

Add brightly colored accents, live green plants and warm homey touches like a desert-inspired Aztec patterned area rug over natural hardwood floors. Hang an eclectic collection of photos or framed art on a deep-blue accent wall.


popular home decor

(Image Credit: Modsy Blog)


These are just a few of the stunning home decor trends 2021. Mix-and-Match different styles for added home ambiance. If you are looking for some of the most unique home decor, check out our site for the latest inspiration.


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