Showing Off Your Summer Bod

Showing Off Your Summer Bod

At BK Variety, we have a great variety of the apparel and home goods that you want for every season. As summer comes on, you can look for some unique types of clothing that will help you make the most of hot summer days and sultry nights.


If you've put a lot of work into your summer beach body, you may want to get clothes that complement your fit physique.


Here are some of our summer collections that are hot right now – no pun intended!


Tops and Bottoms


Our midriff-baring lady’s sets are great for yoga, travel or anything you happen to be doing during the summer. You can see our models front and center on the website showing off these elegant costumes that do, indeed, show quite a bit of skin.


Men's Tights


This is not just a gimmick from Robin Hood or something that ballerinas wear.


You might think at first glance that it's a little odd to have a collection of men's tights for sale. What you'll find, though, is that many of today's men like to be ready for sports and outdoor adventure, and favor tight-fitting clothes instead of loose, baggy apparel that’s going to slow them down on the court on the trail or elsewhere.


Basically, men's tights illustrate that principle of keeping everything contained and agile for athletics and physical recreation. It's kind of like those notices you'll see in manufacturing about not wearing ties and jewelry and things that hang off of your body, because they can get caught in moving equipment. Tights keep the lower half of your body lean and mean and unencumbered by extra weight or hanging objects.


That’s not all we have, either! There’s a lot more for the whole family, for mom and dad and the kids. And don’t forget your furry friends! Which brings us to our next point….


Pug Life


Yes, we know this doesn't really fit with the topic, but it's another best-selling line.


If you want to see a cute little pug peeking from your socks or hoodies or other garments and apparel, look no further. We have these big-eyed pooches printed on your clothes to proudly show off your affinity for the “smoosh-faced dog.”


Check out everything else we have on the site, as well as our excellent incentives and prizes. Spin the wheel if you feel lucky, and spend some time finding the items that you'll want for summer time!

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