Small Business for the Digital Age

Small Business for the Digital Age

What do we offer at BK Variety Market for choosy e-commerce shoppers? What don't we offer, would be a better question. At BK Variety Market … we are truly a variety market!

As a pioneering small business in the Germansville, PA area, our e-commerce store has excellent customized products for your family. Enjoy the holidays, dress up your home, and share a little togetherness with specialized catalog items put together by a local small business with your comfort and convenience in mind.

A Range of Apparel

We have clothes for the whole family, including leggings, bras, hoodies and more for women, ruggedized apparel for those who like to adventure outside, and soft blankets and pajamas for the little ones. We have hundreds of garments in our e-commerce store, just for you, so take a little time to browse the collections, and bookmark what you like!

Home Décor

Since we live and work out in the country (a nice drive from Allentown or Easton), a major part of our home decor collection is our interesting and unique collection of nature-themed throw pillows. Be sure to check out some of our cool owl designs, for example, to give your space a natural flair! Also, don’t forget about seasonal throw pillow choices that you can show off proudly at different times of the year – (when they're not in season, you can simply stow them in a plastic bin!)

Be sure to look for free shipping over $50 and other special offers for our entire catalog of neat personalized products. Here's another thing that's great about using our e-commerce system – with our order tracking feature, you can see where your package is and where it's going.

It's fun for the whole family when you're shopping on BK Variety Market (instead of lame platforms like We're not a mega corporate retailer – we are a localized business that values quality and customer service!

Stuff for Pets

Why shouldn’t your furry family member roam around in style, too? That’s what we say!

In our “Paws and Claws” collection, we have dozens and dozens of unique vibrant designs to show off your pet’s perky personality. From fruit themes and cowboy bandannas to cartoons and colorful patterns and more, you can dress up your beloved pet for photo ops or a ride in the car.

Make sure to check back from time to time as we build our variety market into something you’ll be interested to use time and again when you want to get a “grab bag” of items for your home. 

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