Super Cool Blankets With Hoods

Super Cool Blankets With Hoods

If you're looking for a way to make your home life a bit more cozy or to reduce your power bills and save the planet, what you need is a cozy hooded blanket with an awesome design. These blankets are amazing for a range of reasons and you won't be disappointed in your investment – especially not on cozy nights with a steaming hot beverage. Did we mention they look awesome? Perhaps. 

Hooded Blankets for Movies 

A hooded blanket is made of warm fleece, it wraps around your entire body and has a hood for extra snugness. This makes it the perfect for curling up inside to watch your favorite movie. 

Maybe you love TV shows and streaming content, or maybe you like to re-watch classic movies time and again, the Jump Hooded Blanket is your perfect companion – it just gives you something else to look forward to.

Hooded Blankets for Baths 

If you smell like a skunk it's time for a bath! Everybody loves a warm, relaxing bath now and again, even children like bath time...eventually. And they'll like it, even more, when they get out of one and then cuddle up in a skunk hooded blanket

The skunk hooded blanket is made of fleece so you might want to dry yourself off first or it will get all clingy, but after this, definitely put it on. It will keep your body warm for hours after your bath and let you relax into your evening or go to bed wrapped in a bath-like warmth.

Hooded Blankets for Snowy Weather 

The summer doesn't last forever, before you know it it's fall and then your windows are icing up and the snow is falling. If you're one who dreads this time of year, due to the freezing temperatures and cold fingers, don't worry! This will just give you another (really good) excuse to wear your splattered hooded blanket, and much more often. These hooded blankets are excellent for staying warm in snowy weather. 

Does your house get a little colder than usual so you turn the heat up? No need to do that, there's something psychological about being cozy inside when the snow is falling outside. Wrap yourself up in a fleece hooded blanket and enjoy the view from the window. 

Hooded Blankets for Home Wear

Years ago housecoats were popular and all the rage. That was in the days when people lived in large chilly houses without central heating and they usually had an open fire. Problem with that was, the minute you moved away from the fire, you were cold again. Housecoats were invented to be worn when away from the fire. A good solution.

We don't have heating problems these days, but we do have climate change that forces us to question our heating requirements. Don't bring back the housecoat though, use the more modern counterpart to that, a hooded fleece blanket instead.

Hooded Blankets for Planet Earth

As mentioned, the world has changed considerably in the last century and we now have big challenges facing us in terms of the planet's climate and its overall health. We need to make changes to our lifestyle in order to protect the planet for ourselves and future generations. This means being conscious of what we do, and making small sacrifices. 

You might do this by using your heating less often to save energy and the planet, but it doesn't have to be a sacrifice – not with a hooded blanket from When you wear one of these it feels more like a gain than missing out on something. 

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