Workout Tights Vs. Leggings -What's the Difference?

Workout Tights Vs. Leggings -What's the Difference?

An effective workout requires the right clothing. While some clothing and materials may be a bit restrictive or do not offer support, the right workout clothes can keep your mind on track while you work out. Before you grab your headband and sports bra, and lace up your shoes, you may want to consider whether you want to wear workout tights or activewear leggings. Although many people remain puzzled about what differs between these two options, there are quite a few differences to consider before your next workout.

Although workout tights are more similar to leggings than traditional tights, there are several noteworthy differences between the two. Like traditional tights, workout tights are made with a thinner material. Therefore, it is more practical to wear workout tights underneath an additional layer of clothing. For example, workout tights are often paired with shorts or another article. As tights and leggings are made of different materials, there are several differences between these two clothes; to include warmth, breathability, durability, maintenance and coverage.


As activewear leggings are made with a heavier material, it is no wonder that they provide a bit of warmth that tights do not. While the amount of warmth provided depends on the concentration of cotton used, you may want to assess your workout needs before selecting a warmer workout material. While cotton leggings can initially keep you warmer, if you are working out in colder temperatures, they may cause some friction. For example, too much cotton can make you sweat more. While this can be considered a benefit, the excess moisture won't easily evaporate under the material and may leave you feeling colder.



Another difference between workout tights and leggings is the breathability of the materials. As leggings are made of a thicker material, they are typically less breathable. Breathability is very important for workout clothing as working out requires a substantial amount of movement. While leggings may be perfect for workouts that require less movement, like yoga, tights may be more practical for rigorous workouts.


While both workout tights and leggings may be pretty durable, they differ depending on the quality of the material being used. Workout leggings and tights typically last for six to eight months if properly maintained. However, the maintenance of these two options calls for different things. For example, tights should not be machine washed. Therefore, if you wash both your tights and leggings in the same machine, your leggings' durability won't be affected. Whereas your tights may start to deteriorate at a faster rate.


While maintaining leggings require a simple and easy wash, tights require a bit more attention to keep them in a great condition. It is generally recommended that tights be handwashed for cleaning and maintenance. Consumers are also advised to pay attention to the temperature of the water being used to wash your tights. These recommendations are provided to ensure you do not damage the material of your tights.


Another noteworthy difference between workout tights and leggings is the coverage that they provide. As tights are typically made of a thinner material, you can guess that they provide less coverage than leggings. Depending on your workout environment, you may want to choose the heavier material to ensure you stay comfortably covered throughout your workout.


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