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Using commercial grade cleansers may cause more damage than you think.  Many of these ingredients dry-out your skin, and your hair.  
Our hand-made men's beard & body products combine the finest ingredients with scents that match your lifestyle, and they're all sustainably derived from nature... not a factory! 

It took a lifetime to produce your favorite asset, taking care of it can be easy and rewarding with Blue Mountain Beard & Body products.  

Oh... and all of our natural premium grade products are Made In The U.S.A.!

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It doesn't matter how long or short, how dark or light, or how thick or thin, our personal care products for men are made to keep each and every one looking and and feeling their best.  
It takes a lot of time and work to keep your facial hair trimmed and trained to look it's best.  Using natural ingredients will make sure you can enjoy all the praise and self-fulfilling confidence you deserve for many years ahead.

Premium Beard And Body Set


Not sure what to get the man (or men) in your life? Are you looking for a unique gift that is all natural, good for the skin and beard and smells great? Blue Mountain Beard & Body has just the thing for you, and you will enjoy saving a little money when you grab all these great items in a gift set!

Congratulations! You have just found what you are looking for in our Premium Beard And Body Set! Our hand-packed gift sets include a 4-ounce bar of handmade soap, 2-ounce bottle of beard oil, 2-ounce tin of beard balm and a 6-ounce bottle of beard wash. They also come with a beard comb and beard brush set in a cotton muslin bag to complete the package!

All the products in our gift sets match in scent, so you have a complete beard and body care set that keeps the skin and beard in top shape and smells incredible! Choose a favorite scent or, for those who cannot handle scents in their body and beard care products, go with our unscented version!

When you purchase products from Blue Mountain Beard & Body, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product with no weird chemicals, dyes, or artificial colors. Our products do not contain parabens and are non-GMO. We use only food grade oils, and RSPO certified palm oil!

If you are interested in the exact ingredients of the products in our gift sets, please refer to each individual product’s description, or you can email us for information at, and we would be happy to assist you!

Give a gift that keeps on giving! Your lucky guy will be thrilled to be surrounded by his favorite scent and impressed with how well his prize beard and skin feel every day!

Made in USA. All Natural. Never animal tested! Non-GMO. No parabens. No sulfates!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 shipping delays beard wash bottles may not match the photograph exactly, they may be a different color or have different lids. Many suppliers are out of these items, and we are having to 'make do' with what we can find available.

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Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set
Premium Beard And Body Set

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